The program shall adopt a dynamic and continual strategy involving science-based planning, ICT-based solutions, multisectoral consultative process and deployment of the returning researchers, scientists, and engineers to identify new growth areas and stimulate investments in technology-based enterprises.
The iSTART program shall stimulate investment in technology-based enterprises through utilization of science-based planning tools and deployment of the returning researchers, scientists, and engineers.
The support mechanisms shall include the recommendation of science-based policies and appropriate incentive packages for the technology-based enterprises. Backed up by the strong network and linkages of regional offices, opportunities for gainful engagements will be identified from other government, private and the industry sectors.
The iSTART program will also synergize with other DOST Programs such as, but not limited to the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP), Community thru Science and Technology (CEST), RDLEAD, Balik Scientist Program, Career Incentive Program (CIP) and iFWD PH to ensure sustainability.